Traditional Competitions to participate in Pushkar Mela 2019

One has to be at the Pushkar Mela to know what an amazing experience it can offer. A potpourri of cultural, religious and traditional activities, Pushkar Mela retains its magnificence while imbibing newer ideas to meet the needs of tourists coming from all over.

A lot of these competitions are new-age but the fair also takes pride in celebrating some of the traditional competitions. Let us, below, look at some of the popular contests and competitions:

1. Frame the fair

This goes without saying! The town Pushkar and especially the town Pushkar during the fair is a photographer’s playground. Be it the place or the people, the food or the streets, the costumes of locals or of the camels, every bit of Pushkar offers some amazing opportunities to photographers to bring out their best.

2. Satolia Match

Satolia Match

Isn’t is extremely picturesque and fascinating to see sports that are so local being played with so much zeal and zest?

A traditional game, Satolia involves a ball and a pile of flat stones. It is played between two teams (the seekers and the hitters) in an outdoor space. A member of seekers throws a tennis ball at the pile of stones to know them. The seekers then try to restore the pile while the team of hitters throws the ball at them. If the ball touches a seeker, he is out and the team goes ahead without him.

Also, a seeker by touching an opposing team member before the ball hits him, can protect himself.

Wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to see this match being played between foreigners and locals? Yes, indeed it would be! You can’t miss this fun.

3. Turban Tying Competition

Turban Tying Competition

The more colourful the turban, the better and fuller it is! And you get to believe it once you see the vibrancy around the Pushkar Fair. The princely and royal state of Rajasthan is known all across the globe for the headgear “Pugadi”, wearing which is itself an art form.

To watch the detailed maneuvering of skillful hands is a sight worth watching.

4. Matka Race

Matka Race

The competition invites the participation of female foreign tourists to carry a matka, a large earthen pot used to carry water from well or water source. The activity is primarily done by women where participants are required to run with the matkas filled with water. Isn’t it fascinating?

5. Moustache Competition

Moustache Competition