A Memorable Hot Air Balloon Rides at Pushkar Mela 2019

The famous Pushkar Mela is celebrated for five days from the Kartik Ekadashi to Kartik Poornima, the full moon day of Kartik as per the Hindu calendar. The city of Pushkar is situated northwest of Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan. It is surrounded by hillocks on three sides. The city pulls a wide range of tourists both domestic and international.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Pushkar Mela, probably the most popular fair in the entire state of Rajasthan is a potpourri of various traditional and cultural events along with the newly introduced activities. The fair emanates magnificence and offers a captivating experience to tourists.

The fair today holds a reputation on the global scene. Some of the highlights are camel decoration contests, hot air balloon flights, half marathon, jeep safari tours, traditional dances etc. For accommodation, besides the regular options there are camp stays. Pushkar Mela starts from November 4th to November 12th 2019.

Hot Air Ballooning

Undoubtedly, one of the most exhilarating experiences and a wonderful way to experience Pushkar Mela is from the air. A once in a lifetime experience, it is thrilling to move swiftly over the camps, dunes, lake, temples and the holy places. It is then that one sees the scale and grandeur of Pushkar Mela. Ballooning offers one an incredibly tranquil experience. Travelling in air over the holy lake, one could get a surreal feel of an ancient and sacred landscape which is probably not possible on the ground. Words fall short when it comes to describing the magic of floating over this beautiful town.

Although winter months offer suitable conditions for hot air ballooning, summers are better if the ride is taken early morning.

The winds, temperature and weight carried on the day determines the duration of ballooning flight which is at the pilot’s discretion.

Physical fitness is important for the activity. It is advisable not to take children along. One should wear well-made shoes or boots along with sunglasses, gloves and cap. A balloon can rise as high as 800 feet above. Generally, in groups, it is restricted to heights between 200 and 500 feet.

Hot Air Balloon Pushkar Mela

Hot air Ballooning is just one activity of the extravaganza that Pushkar Mela is!

How to Get There

The city of Pushkar is very well connected and that adds to the increased number of domestic and international tourists coming here.

There are RSRTC buses running regularly from Delhi to Rajasthan. (Distance between Delhi and Ajmer: 390 km approximately)

The town is accessible by road through Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The nearest airport is the Jaipur International Airport located in Jaipur. This is 150 kilometer from Pushkar. Buses and taxis can be used for this part. The nearest major railway station is Ajmer which is approximately 20 km from Pushkar. There is single train link linking Ajmer and Pushkar.

So get ready to experience a cultural treat! It is important to get your accommodation readily available during the fair because of the rush to enjoy a well planned trip to the culturally rich and beautiful city of Pushkar

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