Camp Stay and Contests at Pushkar Mela 2019

Pushkar Mela is celebrated from the Kartik Ekadashi to KartikPoornima, the full moon day of Kartik as per the Hindu calendar.

Let us learn a bit about Pushkar and the amazing fair it is host to. The city of Pushkar is situated to the northwest of Ajmer in the beautiful Rajasthan state. The Pushkar city offers tourists a wide range of rich architectural heritage, activities, and experiences. The fair is as old as 100 years and is truly a cultural retreat with various dancers, musicians, snake charmers and acrobats. Pushkar Mela pulls thousands and thousands of livestock from far and beyond. Cattle from faraway places travel on foot for business purposes. Camels are definitely the highlight of the fair. Beautifully decorated camels well adorned with jewellery participate in the fair and activities like camel dance shows, camel decoration contest. Other highlights include camel safari tours, music and dance shows and modern comfortable camps to stay. This year, from November 4th to November 12th is Pushkar Mela 2019 with better entertainment, impeccable hospitality, excellent tours and lovely handicrafts.

Some of the activities to watch out for at the Pushkar Mela are as follows. The thrilling hot air balloon is one of the most interesting activities. Watching the entire city and the scale of the mela from air is simply breathtaking. Others include LangriTaang with foreigners, Kabbadi Match, Voice of Pushkar, Mandana Competition, Kite Flying Competition, Jeep Safaris and a lot many camel related contests and competition.

Watching sunsets during the safari is a not-to-miss experience. Booking the perfect accommodation can really make your trip a unique experience. Pushkar Mela offers a different range of camps for stay where one can stay for a unique experience. Comfortable and cozy, these are quiet and offer one an authentic experience.

One of the preferred ways for accommodation is the Skywaltz Pushkar Camp. One can stay in Deluxe Tents Non Air Conditioned and Luxury Tents Air Conditioned. You can take a one night package at Luxury Air Conditioned tents and this will include stay in a Luxury tent at the camp for a couple, all meals and local transfers at the Pushkar Mela Ground. It will also include full day access to the elevated sitting area at the stadium and VIP seating for evening concerts.

You can also take the second kind of package is the one night package in a non-air-conditioned deluxe tent for a night for a couple, all meals and local transfers to the Pushkar Mela Ground. It also inclusive of full day access to the elevated sitting area at the stadium, VIP seating for evening concerts and all activities at the Pushkar Stadium as in festival itinerary as per choice.

It is advisable to get your accommodation booked in advance as the fair witnesses numerous travelers both domestic and international coming from various parts of the world. Also, make sure to make bookings for activities like camel and jeep safaris, quad biking, para-motoring & hot air balloon flights beforehand.

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